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How to relieve a toothache?

A toothache is dental pain described as acute, strong and intense! In addition to being unpleasant, it is caused by irreversible pulpitis (i.e. inflammation of the dental nerve leading to its necrosis) whose cause is highly variable (decay, deep or near nerve restoration, dental fracture, etc.). It is often described by a feeling of pressure, pulsation and prolonged pain when stimulated by cold and sometimes hot temperatures. It can sometimes be associated with facial swelling.

Unfortunately, the dental pain associated with a toothache often times when least expected, on the eve of an important meeting, on the plane, on vacation, etc. To relieve this unpleasant and inconvenient emergency, follow these tips!

• Be sure to contact your dentist for an emergency appointment. The most effective treatment for pain is to eliminate the cause. The dentist will perform an emergency examination and use other diagnostic tools such as dental X-rays to identify the tooth responsible for your toothache and provide treatment options. The goal is to relieve pain as quickly as possible and restore comfort.

While waiting for this appointment, here are some tips to relieve your toothache:

• Respecting your medical history, take painkillers such as acetaminophen (painkiller) and ibuprofen (anti-inflammatory). Ask your pharmacist for advice if a health problem or allergy interferes with taking medication to relieve the pain caused by your toothache.
• If necessary, apply a topical anesthetic such as Oragel on gums around the painful tooth. This will cause temporary paresthesia (numbness) in the area and temporarily decrease the pain associated with your toothache if the gum is involved.
• Avoid eating on the painful side. Also avoid very hot or very cold foods. Also, avoid crunchy, hard or spicy foods.
• Better safe than sorry! Visit your dentist regularly to treat dental problems early, often at an asymptomatic stage! A dental examination is recommended every six months.

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